Interactive workshop creative thinking

Interactive Workshop on Creative Thinking

ViVet innovation project will be holding an interactive workshop to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week and introduce veterinary professionals to different creativity techniques that can help them develop innovative thinking within the veterinary practice team. 

The two 60-minute interactive sessions will take place at 12.30 pm and 6 pm on Wednesday 21 April, the United Nation’s World Creativity and Innovation Day. Each session will introduce a range of creative techniques that can be used to spur innovation – Different breakout groups will then have various problems to solve and will utilise these techniques to tackle challenges and issues encountered within everyday veterinary practice.

The benefits:

  • to practice creativity and bring creative confidence
  • to enhance your ability to look at problems as opportunities
  • to find new solutions to personal opportunities and change your life
  • to find creative solutions to commercial opportunities and transform your business

Members of the veterinary team can sign up for the session, which will count towards their continuing professional development (CPD) requirement.

Note: this webinar is designed for active participation; therefore, a limited number of places are available.

This workshop is a collaborative programme by Customer Faithful and Level7.

Gill Stevens, Founding Director of Level7 focuses on merging coaching with design thinking methodology as a way to support innovation and team productivity.

Rick Harris is Founder of Customer Faithful – a research-led consultancy, specialising in customer research, proposition design and employee engagement.

Gill Stevens and Rick Harris
Gill Stevens and Rick Harris