Innovation in the workplace podcasts

Innovation in the workplace podcasts

We’ve produced a series of six podcasts addressing the topic of innovation in the workplace. Perhaps you’re interested in finding out more about using innovation at work? Maybe you’d like to understand how to use innovation to make decisions, collaborate with others and overcome challenges? Our new podcasts will guide you and help you develop skills and self-reflection associated with having an innovative mindset.

They have been developed as part of our ViVet initiative, designed to ensure veterinary professionals are at the centre of innovation in the animal health sector. They can of course be counted towards your CPD targets if they align with your objectives for the year.

The podcasts are hosted by Harvey Wade of Innovate21. Harvey’s work is focused on embedding innovation as opposed to doing innovation which helps organisations deliver consistent and measurable results.

Each podcast will cover a different topic these are described below. Whilst valuable as standalone sessions, each podcast in the series is designed as a counterpart to the others so that listener can achieve a clearer understanding of what it means to have an innovative mindset.

The full series is available below. We hope you enjoy them and find them helpful.

1. Diverse mindsets needed

The need to collaborate to achieve better outcomes.
Innovation is not an individual activity, a team is needed to provide thought diversity, missing skills and support when the journey is hard. 

Diverse mindsets needed - graphic

2. An enabler, not an outcome

A tool to create the desired future. Innovation must be aligned to vision, and being clear what it needs to achieve. Being purpose-led ensures a better chance of innovation success. 

An enabler not an outcome - illustration

3. Near and far-sighted

How to create success both today and for tomorrow. The importance of having different innovation horizons to both improve today’s organisation and create the future organisation that will be successful.

Being near and far sighted - illustration

4. Navigating the current environment

What currently stops or hinders ways how common barriers can be overcome. Exploring how innovation progress is hampered in an organisation and how common barriers can be overcome.

Navigating the current environment - illustration

5. Creating supportive cultures

What are the outcomes and behaviours needed to create an innovative environment? Exploring what culture is needed to provide the right conditions for innovation to thrive and what behaviours support this environment. 

Creating supportive cultures - illustration

6. Stop talking, start doing

Identifying the actions to establish a successful, impactful innovation program. Brings the previous episodes together to create the roadmap for the innovation journey, and being able to measure the progress that is being made.

Stop talking, start doing - illustration