RCVS ViVet webinar - Design Thinking

Design Thinking webinar and resources

This hands-on webinar is aimed at enabling veterinary professionals to use design thinking principles for tackling challenges and problems within their everyday practice. The was session was interactive, enabling attendees to experience some of the techniques first-hand and collaborate with others to make real-time progress! Feel free to pause the recording or work with your team to complete the activities in the webinar.

The benefits:

  • gain an introduction to what design thinking is
  • learn about a practical problem-solving process that suits busy veterinary professionals and their teams
  • try out some hands-on breakout tasks that bring design thinking alive (not just theory!)
  • gain an opportunity to test design thinking against the backdrop of Covid-19 challenges
  • work with examples and issues that are relevant to everyday veterinary practice
  • experience an approach that supports innovation, working collaboratively, and even fun!

Note: this webinar was designed for active participation and was conducted via the Zoom platform. Breakout sessions have not been included in the recording.

This workshop is a collaborative programme by Customer Faithful and Level7.
Gill Stevens, Founding Director of Level7 focuses on merging coaching with design thinking methodology as a way to support innovation and team productivity.
Rick Harris is Founder of Customer Faithful – a research-led consultancy, specialising in customer research, proposition design and employee engagement.

Gill Stevens and Rick Harris
Gill Stevens and Rick Harris